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Gamut LUTs have been used to color grade films for brands like Toyota, Leica, Dwell, and Huckberry. Over 10,000 creators trust us to grade their wedding, YouTube, and commercial films. Explore our Creative LUTs as well as BaseLUTs™, our Conversion LUTs for transforming Log camera profiles to Rec.709.

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Effortless Conversion from LOG Effortless Conversion from LOG

Effortless Conversion from LOG

Our BaseLUTs are designed to work across all camera systems. So whether you are shooting on Sony, Canon, Panasonic, DJI, or Blackmagic—our conversions bring all your footage to the same starting place.

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Manage your LUTs in One Place

Manage your LUTs in One Place

Managing, and installing, your LUTs has never been easier. Our Gamut app, for MacOS and Windows, makes it easy to simply log into your account and install your LUTs directly into Final Cut, Premiere, and Resolve. Install your LUTs, with the click of a button.


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The Prestige LUT Collection, a collaboration between Gamut and Runaway Vows, was designed to infuse your wedding films with soft, radiant hues. This curated suite of five unique LUTs amplifies your footage, transforming it into timeless, luxurious art

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