SOMEONE ELSE – A Cinematic Short by May Xiong

SOMEONE ELSE – A Cinematic Short by May Xiong

We asked Photographer and Cinematographer May Xiong to come up with a video concept and use our Lotus LUTs to color grade the film. May has such an incredible eye for composition, narrative, and cinematography that we wanted to see what she would create if we simply let her run wild with creativity and inspiration. She came up with the short below, titled Someone Else.

You can find out more about May Xiong at her website:


About May Xiong

About May Xiong

May Xiong is a twenty-nine year old photographer based in Seattle, Washington. Heavily inspired by light, music scores, and attention to detail, she creates photographs that encapsulates unusual beauty; bringing forth her subjects delicately and intimately with the surrounding environment. She continues to focus further on creating cinematic portraiture in hopes to expand her creativity and move towards cinematography in the film industry.

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