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Gamut was built on the idea that filmmaking should be centered around community. While focused on creating beautiful colors, our intention is rooted in creating a community that invites filmmakers to hone their craft, elevate their films, and form friendships.

Our Pillars


Our LUTs are made by filmmakers, for filmmakers. We want to present highly curated presets in order to help making color grading as simple as possible.

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We wanted to create a platform that was easy to use. Our hope is that our strengths can help complement your weaknesses so you can spend less time coloring and more time doing the things you love.

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We want to help real people. We’re all on the same journey and we want to forge a community centered on education and teamwork.

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KEJ Productions

Each LUT has a distinct quality which has been an absolutely BLAST for me to discover. I feel like I can easily identify the characteristics of each LUT and rest on a choice no matter what footage I’m coloring.

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Our Contributors

  • Benj Haisch

    I’m a big fan of morning walks for coffee with my family, the great outdoors, hiking, good music, sunny days, last minute trips, and apple products. I love Jesus, my wife, my son Oslo, film cameras, teaching, playing music, traveling, experiencing new cultures, my family, and helping others.

    As a husband, I firmly believe in marriage and want to do my best to capture all that it means to get married and to celebrate that with you through photography.

    Also, I throw more references to The Office, Seinfeld, and Star Wars into casual conversation than you thought humanly possible.

  • Le Rêve Films

    This husband-wife duo launched Le Rêve Films in 2010 from the shared passion for traveling the world and transforming the magical memories from a couple’s nuptials into a visual tapestry that showcases their love story for a lifetime. Le Rêve takes pride in focusing on capturing the beauty, emotion and all the details in between from a couple’s wedding weekend, all the while, always portraying real, authentic love.

    Over the last decade, their award-winning work has been featured in People, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, BRIDES, iHeart Radio, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and more. Le Rêve Films has captured events and created content for clients like DJ Tiesto, Ashley and Jared from the Bachelor Nation, Engage!, The Knot, Marcy Blum Associates, Kleinfeld Bridal, and other high-profile celebrities, musicians, and athletes.

  • Jake Pierrelee

  • White In Revery

    White In Revery is a leading filmmaking team in the wedding industry. They have been filming for over seven years and have traveled the world to capture some of the most amazing couples and captivating love stories. White In Revery has a very engaging and captivating style to their films that focuses on each couple and their story. Their style can be described as a beautiful fine art visual of color balanced with emotional story driven films. Every film is uniquely tailored to each couple while still showcasing the beauty of the couple with a strong focus on audio and story in every film. White In Revery has filmed over 200 weddings and is constantly producing high-end quality films with a premiere demand for perfection in every detail.

  • Jai Long

    My name is Jai Long and I am a wedding photographer based in Melbourne Australia. I was named a rising star from Rangefinder in 2015 and have shot weddings all around the world. On top of that,

    I teach wedding photography and host my own workshops and have been asked to speak at the biggest wedding photography conferences around the world.

  • Flame Films

    Flame Films is a husband and wife team passionate about capturing emotional love stories around the globe. Julia and Sebastian built their wedding film business in Germany, and now bring their distinct style to the US. Based in Colorado, they create films with a cinematic feel, yet true-to-life colors and intentionally selected music. With a careful balance of aesthetics and storytelling, complemented by smooth dynamic camera movements, their films are unique time capsules.

  • Russell Kent Nicholls

    Russell Kent Nicholls has been named One of the UK’s Top 30 Wedding Videographers and is a leading filmmaker dedicated to education and influence in the UK wedding filmmaking industry. With his recognizable style combination of captivating colors and smooth camera movements, Russell always tries to incorporate a fun and relaxed sense of humor at the forefront of his work. After shooting weddings for the past several years, he has recently shifted into music videos and commercial projects for brands like Panasonic while always keeping his passion for luxury & destination weddings at his core.
  • Nirav Patel

    I am drawn to quiet moments. I believe this pull originated from attempts at self-preservation when I was a young boy living in neighborhoods that were difficult. At the age of 7, I built a sanctuary in my room. In this small space, I placed a red tent on my bed and surrounded it with a moat of stuffed animals that served as my protectors. My imagination soared in this beautiful, safe haven. The feeling of loneliness was replaced by the comfort of solitude. Here is where I found my quiet moments. To this day I still look for the glimpses of quiet when the world is turbulent. Creating imagery is the only way I’ve ever known how to share my story with others.

  • Mango Street

    Mango Street consists of husband and wife duo Daniel and Rachel who are best known for photography and filmmaking tutorials and short films. At the beginning of 2017, Daniel and Rachel launched their channel, Mango Street, on Youtube and over the past year and a half, their channel has garnered over 940K subscribers and 41M views. Their slogan, “Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time” aligns perfectly with the content and purpose behind their channel. They use their extensive experience and talent to provide free demonstrations and easy-to-follow tutorials to help improve the skills and abilities of creatives and aspiring photographers. In just 18 months, the couple has partnered with established brands such as Google, Samsung, Canon, LG, Adobe, Audible, Intel, Squarespace and many more. Their dynamic energy and overwhelming passion for photography and film has had a considerable impact on the creative community as exhibited by their dedicated and inspired fans.

  • Sam Newton

    Sam Newton

    Sam Newton is a travel filmmaker, Canon USA Ambassador, and YouTuber. Known for his cinematic, adventure films and funny music, Sam makes it his mission to inspire this generation of filmmakers to create films that are true to themselves in a copy-paste world.

  • Eric Floberg

    Eric Floberg is a photographer & filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois. Having built his career photographing weddings, Eric is committed to creating timeless photographs that aren’t visually distracting. His images exist to pull on the nostalgic heartstrings of the viewer, helping them remember a specific time in life and the way people were then.