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Our Creator Community is for filmmakers, editors, and colorists alike. By joining our community, we are creating a like-minded group of people who want to excel in the film industry. As a part of our community, you have a chance to get FREE LUTs and gear, become the first to hear about new products (and possibly beta test them!) and learn about things that are entirely Behind the Scenes in the film industry!

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We pride ourselves on building the best conversion LUTs (BaseLUTs™) in the world. We aim to help filmmakers elevate through films through color, and we try to deliver key products, insights and experiences to you through your inbox. All of these opportunities are available to filmmakers like you!

Earn FREE LUTs and Gear!

With our referral program, you can earn up to a FREE Blackmagic 6Kcamera! All you’ve got to do is referrer fellow filmmakers to our mailing list!

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We run a lot of discounts and giveaways solely for our email community! Not only that, stay on top  of the latest news in color grading, film, and production!

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Our affiliate community is one of the tools that powers Gamut. Share with your audience, and if they convert, earn up to 20% commission!

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Gamut Referral Program

Gamut Referral Program

We know it’s tough to find like-minded creatives. That’s why we created our referral program—as a way to bring all of our filmmaking friends into one place. So what exactly is it? We’re glad you asked.

Simply, you get a referral for every friend you refer to our mailing list (Gamut Creative Community). You then unlock rewards for bringing in referrals. Here is what you can earn:

3 Referrals
Gamut Sticker
15 Referral
FREE Conversion LUT of your choice (up to $25 value!)
20 Referrals
Gamut T-shirt
50 Referrals
FREE Creative LUT of your choice (up to $95 value!)
100 Referrals
Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter ($100 Value!)
500 Referrals
Atmos Ninja V Monitor ($400 value)
2000 Referrals
Black Magic 6K Pro Camera (or up to $2,000 value in B&H Gift Card)