Gamut Installer

Gamut Installer
Manage all of your LUTs in one place

Access all of your Gamut purchases in ONE location. With our Gamut app, you can access all of your past downloads and install your LUTs quickly and easily on Windows and Mac. Read below to find the installation process for each platform.

How to Install the App

  • Download the App

    If you haven’t already, download the app using the buttons above for Windows or MacOS.

  • (For Mac) Drag Your App to the Installation Folder

    Drag your app to the Installation Folder. If you see an error, proceed to the next step.

  • What To Do If you See an Error on Mac

    If you see this error on installation, close the app. Apple changed certification status requirements and while we are in process, there are certain devices which will require greater security. We’ll show you how to bypass this below.


    With the App Closed, go to your “Privacy and Settings” and click “Open Anyway

    Note: It may take 10-15 seconds for your purchases to load in the app the first time you use it. Internet access will be required to install the products.


  • Sign in to the App

    Sign in to the app, using the same email with which you have made purchases in the past. You will be issued a one time password (OTP). Once you enter that password in, it will take you right into the app!

  • Choose Product to Install

  • Choose Where to Install


    Please Note that you can install to multiple locations at once

  • Installation is Complete

  • Installer not working?

    Please submit a support ticket if you have problems installing your LUTs. Please make sure to let us know which editing application you are on and the version you are using. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Manual Installation’ button inside of the app to download the LUTs directly to your computer. To download manually, you will need to have your order number available for confirmation.