Meet Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street

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Meet Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street

You’ve probably heard of Mango Street, but if you haven’t, this is a pretty great chance to learn more about them! Daniel and Rachel are a married couple who offer photography and video tutorials on their YouTube channel. We’re excited to have built their LUT pack, Stratus, and hope you’ll check out more of their work!

Meet Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street

Gamut: Ya’ll are living in LA now, but where are you from originally?

Mango Street: We’re both from Indiana. Rachel is from Northwest Indiana outside of Chicago and Daniel is from Indianapolis.

G: How did you first get introduced to working in a creative field?

Daniel: I started off as an intern in recording studios and then transitioned over to video editing and motion graphics. I last worked as a motion graphics artist at a startup before making the jump to creating YouTube videos full-time.

Rachel: I’m not really suited for the workplace, so making videos from home is the best way for me to earn grocery money.


Did you know Mango Street has almost

Did you know Mango Street has almost "One Million YouTube Subscribers"?

Yep, you heard that right. Rachel and Daniel have been consistently putting out great, educational videos for years and it turns out, they’re pretty damn good at it. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out their YouTube page and subscribe!

G: A lot of photographers and filmmakers get hung up on color. What role does color play into your workflow?

MS: Since we started working in photography, we’ve found that color helps us tell a story and reinforce the mood we want conveyed in our work.

G: How would you define your approach to creativity?

MS: Whether it’s photo, video, or writing, our goal is always to express a feeling, idea, or emotion through the medium at hand and connect with people on the other side of it.

G: What kinds of art/stories have connected the most with you?

MS: We enjoy live, story-based entertainment like The Moth, as well as improv and comedy shows

G: In terms of creative, what’s on the horizon for you two?

MS: We are always looking for different creative outlets to help us stay inspired. We are currently writing a pilot for TV and I (Rachel) am in the process of writing my first novel. Daniel produces music for fun on the side.

G: In terms of visuals and audio, what is speaking to you now?

Top 3 favorite films for Rachel: 1. High Fidelity 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3. A Ghost Story
Top 3 bands/musicians for Daniel: 1. The Gaslight Anthem / Brian Fallon 2. Third Eye Blind 3. Taylor Swift
Top 3 bands/musicians for Rachel: 1. Mike Kinsella 2. Brian Fallon 3. Northstar

G: Anything you’re really proud of at the moment?

MS: Our dogs are really good boys.

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