Moving Still – An Exclusive Interview

Moving Still – An Exclusive Interview

If you’ve been around Gamut for a minute here, you likely know Eric Floberg. Eric is our collaborator behind the 606 LUT Collection and an incredible filmmaker, photographer, and athlete out of Chicago, Illinois.

Eric is also a co-owner of Creative Club, along with Steven Schultz and Gene Yoon. Starting in 2022, they have been working on a documentary about photographer Joe Greer—one that focuses on art, creativity, running, fatherhood, and forgiveness. It’s a beautiful film, and I was lucky enough to be out in Franklin for their first premiere, earlier this month.

While the film is gearing up for more premieres and, eventually, worldwide release, I was able to sit down with Steven and Eric and talk through creativity, work, inspiration—all the things that are auxiliary to creating a film. You can join in on our conversation below!

Also, if you want updates on a premiere in YOUR city, please fill let Eric, Steven, and Gene know here.




The majority of Moving Still was color graded with our 606 LUT Collection. We’re honored to be included in such a monumental endeavor.