Adjustment Layer

Adjustment Layer


Speed up your color grading workflow in FCPX by using an Adjustment Layer. Download this FREE adjustment layer for Final Cut Pro X. Once downloaded, follow the instructions below to properly Install the product.

If you have any issues with installation, just reach out to us via our Support page.

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Here is how to install the Adjustment Layer to use with FCPX

  • Download File
  • Unzip File
  • Drag “Gamut” folder to Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/
  • Re-open Final Cut Pro
  • Check your Titles section for the newly added Adjustment Layer
  • Drag over your clips and add a LUT to affect all the footage below the adjustment layer
Tech Specs

Compatible with the following software:

  • Final Cut Pro X 
What's Included

Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download of the Adjustment Layer zip file that you can use with Final Cut Pro X.

This pack consists of:

(1x) Adjustment Layer folder

When you checkout, you can create a login account so you can access all your download links. If you experience any issues with the download, you can email us by visiting our Support page.


If you do not have a “Titles” folder whenever you try to move the “Gamut” folder into it, then just right-click and create a new folder called “Titles” once you are inside the “Motion Templates” folder. Then right-click on the new folder you titled “Titles” and choose “Get Info“. You need to add this extension to the “Name & Extension” field: “Titles.localized

Then close out and you should be up and running to view the new “Gamut” folder in your Titles Section.

Gamut is dedicated to creating amazing color grading tools. We work alongside filmmakers and photographers in order to build custom color theory and to create tools that filmmakers can use to elevate their films through color. From LUTs to educational guides, Gamut works to make color grading as simple as possible by providing world-class resources for videographers.