In Cascade, you can expect to find colors that are nostalgic, but authentic. Inspired by film stocks—Portra and Fuji—this LUT pack contains colors influenced by warmth, texture, and the outdoors.

This Pack has both standard and minus (-) versions for each LUT. The minus (-) versions are less contrasted renditions of each corresponding LUT. This covers the spectrum of whichever camera you’re shooting with and gives more diversity in application.

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Tech Specs

Compatible with the following software:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • (any software that can load a LUT)

3D LUT in .cube format in 33x size.


Compatible with most Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras:

  • PANASONIC GH Series / S1 Series
  • SONY A7III / A7S Series / A7R Series / 
  • CANON 5D Series / 1DX Series / C100 / C200 / EOS-R
  • NIKON Z6 / Z7
  • FUJIFILM XT-3 / XT-2 / X Series

For more information on camera profiles we recommend and a full camera compatibility list, please check out this link: Recommended Camera Profile Settings


What's Included

Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download of an installer for macOS or Windows that will natively install the LUTs for you.

This pack consists of:

01 North
01 North-
02 South
02 South-
03 East
03 East-
04 West
04 West-
05 B&W
05 B&W-
06 Flash
TOOL – Interior HSL

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For over a decade, Benj Haisch has worked as a world-class wedding photographer and educator. Based in Tacoma, WA, Benj has photographed weddings around the world and helped photographers find their voice through color, composition, and lighting.

Traveling the world photographing weddings, Benj Haisch has come to realize that not all light or color is the same across the board. In 2018 alone, he photographed weddings in the desert, tropical, urban, & mountainous environments in a huge range of light intensities. As Benj tweaked the presets to best adapt to those environments, things began to stick and the look of Cascade began to form.

Benj Haisch