Developed to mirror the serene beauty of luxury settings, the  Luxe Collection finds its place amidst Tuscany’s timeless landscapes or the intimate gatherings of a private coastline. It’s a reflection of moments that are both grand in scale and intimate in detail, capturing the essence of what makes luxury weddings truly memorable. Created by Gamut for How To Film Weddings.

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Tech Specs

Compatible with the following softwares:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve

3D LUT in .cube format in 33x size

These LUTs can also be loaded into any software that can load a .cube file.


Compatible with most Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras:

  • PANASONIC GH Series / S Series / S5ii Series / and more
  • SONY A7III / A7IV / A7S Series / A7R Series / FX Series / and more
  • CANON R Series / 5D Series / C70 / 1DX MII / C100 / C200 / EOS Series / and more
  • BLACKMAGIC BMPCC 4K / BMPCC 6K / BMPCC 6K Pro / and more
  • NIKON Z6 / Z7 / Z8 / Z9 / and more
  • FUJI X-T4 / X-T3 / X-T2 / and more

For more information on camera profiles we recommend and a full camera compatibility list, please check out this link: Recommended Camera Profile Settings

What's Included

Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download of the .cube files that you can load into your NLE of choice. This pack consists of 5 Primary LUTs along with a palette Tool that cleans up whites and blacks, neutralizing the saturation:

Luxe 01
Luxe 02
Luxe 03
Luxe 04
Luxe BW
Luxe Tool

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If you experience any issues with the LUTs you can email us by visiting our Support page. All sales are final.

In 2018, Nick Miller and John Bunn embarked on a journey driven by their shared passion for wedding cinematography. What began as a simple hobby quickly transformed into ‘How To Film Weddings’ – a podcast that now boasts hundreds of enlightening episodes. But it’s not just about the podcast; it’s about the community. Over the years, they’ve cultivated a dedicated following of tens of thousands of wedding filmmakers from around the globe. These filmmakers, inspired by Nick and John’s insights, are not only honing their craft but are also taking their businesses to unprecedented heights. ‘How To Film Weddings’ is more than just a podcast; it’s a movement that empowers wedding filmmakers to achieve their dreams.

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