The Best Photo Presets to Pair with Gamut LUTs

These Photo Presets Will Help you Color Match Your Video + Stills
The Best Photo Presets to Pair with Gamut LUTs
Image by Elopement Presets

Sometimes, a single photograph can capture a moment in time—an instant memory, frozen in time.

With wedding visuals, there is such a complementary nature of photography and video—and while Gamut focuses on color grading tools for video, we know how important it is to pair great color between photo and video. If you work both photo + video for productions or weddings, it’s imperative to have tools that can help you keep consistency across your deliverables…but not a lot of tools make it easy to color match.

Because we have so many community members who shoot both stills and video, we often get asked what the best color grading options are for photography, or how to best match our Gamut color grades for photo and video. So we put together a list of some of the existing Gamut LUT packs that already have existing, comparable photo presets that you can order today to match your films.

The Best Photo Presets to Pair with Gamut LUTs

All of these photo presets exist from multiple providers across the web. They are all built and designed for Adobe Lightroom, with flies in .xml for the most current versions of Lightroom. Some of these packs include mobile presets, while others include that for an added fee. These are all unique packs that can complement your existing Gamut collection and we hope this list will help you out!

Best Photo Presets to Pair with Gamut LUTs

  • Dolce → Elopement Presets, “The Essential Collection”

    Originally designed as a collaboration with White in Revery, the Dolce collection is based off of The Essential Preset Collection from Elopement Presets. White in Revery launched a limited version of the Essential Collection, renamed Dolce, to match all the LUTs and looks, but an extended version exists with an additional 6+ presets for Adobe Lightroom.


  • Cascade → Meridian Presets, “Cascade 01” and "Cascade 02"

    Created by Benj Haisch, our Cascade pack was a collaboration of some of his best looks across Cascade 01 and Cascade 02. From Benj: “Traveling the world photographing weddings, I’ve come to realize that not all light or color is the same across the board. In July of 2018, I photographed weddings in the desert, tropical, urban, & mountainous environments in a huge range of light intensity.”


  • Lotus → dvlop, “Lotus"

    Based on the work of Nirav Patel, the Lotus presets from dvlop have a lot of the same characteristics and hues and can help you color match across both styles. This preset pack is the culmination of endless nights of adjusting levels and colors to create a versatile yet impactful set featuring beautiful skin tones while delivering a uniquely artful touch. The pack’s versatility gives you the ability to go from incredibly timeless fine art images for portraits and weddings to a moody, painterly cinematic feel for images that you want to take to the next level.