Video Editor

Video Editor

Gamut is looking for a multi-talented, video editor with a passion for color, bringing stories to life, and film to assist in the editing efforts of our portfolio company, Gamut—as well as additional in-house brands.

About Gamut

Gamut is a post-production marketplace, designed to making color grading and post-production easier. Our primary product is video LUTs, which we build and create for ourselves, as well as key video creators. In 2024, we are expanding our offerings and are looking for an editor to help us bring more things to market. We also own a portfolio of other brands in house, such as Mixgrade, Timelapse+, Goodhue, and Interfade.

About The Contract Role

As a Video Editor, you’ll be one of the defining parts of our workflow at Gamut – helping to bring together the library of content that we currently have, as well as getting new ideas launched faster. This includes crafting edits for product launch films, social media content, product trailers, website shorts, YouTube videos, ad cut-downs, and more.

You’ll work closely with both our Head Colorist and Head of Operations to streamline your workflow and build out your roadmap, agenda, and workflow. Above all, you will be hugely influential in both how we prepare content for, and engage with, our community of filmmakers and creatives. Whatever’s happening, you  will be help translate that for our audience via social, YouTube, web content, and product launches.

We are currently looking for a Video Editor on contract that we can work alongside. Our intention is to develop this role into a full-time position at Gamut within six months and will work directly with our small team to set our brands, and ideas, into motion.

We’re currently looking for someone who can operate fully remote, or who is able to come work in-person with us 1-2 days a week from Denver, Colorado.


What the Work Looks Like

  • Good Eye. The ability to discern good taste in editing so you can help us keep our quality high.
  • Great Narrative Flow. We will have editing needs across a diverse range of outlets, so we need someone with great narrative flow who can translate those edits for each medium.
  • Concepting & ideation. Gamut is made up of a small core of idea-led people. We value when someone can have an original idea, and then begin to build it out on their own. We will hand you all the parts, but we need you to get started in piecing them together. We also value your input on how we can better prepare content for you.
  • Staying organized. On any given day, you could be working on ad cut downs, YouTube content, or product trailers, so we need you to stay organized, keep focused on what projects are in tow, and makes sure you’re able to track our projects accordingly.

What We’re Looking For

  • Experience with editing. We use all post-production platforms, but our preferred is DaVinci Resolve so we can use Blackmagic Cloud and, ideally, keep our workflow remote. We’re willing to help train the right person on Resolve.
  • An understanding of YouTube, Social Media shorts, and narrative flow so that we can extrapolate content from one form and deliver it to many forms.
  • Superior editing skills, and the ability to translate those across multiple mediums.
  • An excitement for color grading 
  • Willingness to learn about plugins, motion graphics, etc to help enhance films. We want you to push us and give us ideas.
  • A desire to grow inside of the independent filmmaker community
  • The ability to understand what resonates with our audience
  • The ability to remain organized when there are many moving parts.
  • A proactive and collaborative low-ego work style; you love working with people and people love working with you.

Next Steps

This role is contract driven, but we would like to build it towards a full-time hiring position.

Right now, we’re asking candidates to send us a proposal for 20 Hours a week of editing to, with a body of work that we can review. Your proposal should include your rate (weekly, monthly, or hourly), your body of work, when you are available to start, and which software you have experience with.

As we receive proposals, for editors we’d like to advance with, we may ask you to do a paid project, creating a 30 second ad spot for us (we will provide all the initial assets).


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